Call: HA7GN

Operator(s): HA7GN

Station:  HA7GN


Class: SO Unlimited HP

QTH: Matraszentimre

Operating Time (hrs): 

Radios: SO2R



 Band  QSOs  Mults



   80:   15     8

   40:  110    32

   20:  688    59

   15:  264    49



Total: 1077   148  Total Score = 478,188


It became a part time activity due to a couple of reasons. Originally wanted to enter in SOAB to test the brand new setup and practice dueling CQ, but the low band antennas are far to be ready for an ARRL DX. Thus, decided to go for 20m only.

Started Saturday on 40m and kept checking if 20m is open during the dark, but it was not..those days are gone.. this privilege is for the Scandinavian stations for the coming years. So, started late morning on 20m like everybody else and closed the day with 490 QSOs and 56 mults around 22:00UTC quite disappointed, anticipating the second day QSO count total would be below 1,000. Tought it is better to go back the original idea of testing the EA4TX interlock and practicing alternate CQing on 20/15. It was found to be fun, and gave a good learning experience after the Morse Runner simulator.





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