In late February 2019 I decided to join the Reverse Beacon Network with an SDR-IQ operating on 20m (single band). The antenna is a 4L monoband Yagi at the contest location @ 812m ASL beaming 310 deg NW. The antenna height is changed time-to time. At major contest it is fully erected to 20m, in between is lowered to about 10m. It can be recognized on the SNR levels, but is still capable to pick up QRP and mobile station signals from North America and Pacific stations on long path. I encourage you to try your CQs from there. It is not sure all Europe will hear you, but at least you will get spotted by my reverse beacon from Europe and some other good ears may answer your call. 

Use this link to see my CW Skimmer spots:

HA7GN CW Skimmer on RBN

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