The site is operated by Lajos Nyerges (HB9GIU) and Gabor Nagy (HA7GN). Our aim is to share ham radio related ideas, experiences we gained and tools created by us or others that we found useful throghout the years. Articles are published in various categories such as antenna building, contest planning, or basic electronics experiments. These topics are recommended to those who are new to ham radio.

However, the primary focus is on station remote control. While seeking for the most reliable solution to control our contest station we have done extensive tests of commercially available equipment and found opportunities to simplify and improve. Since we are two family men with plenty of duties; time has always been a key factor during the implementation.That was the reason we started working with development boards other than investing time in special hardware desing with endless debugging and programming everything from scratch. The development boards are supported from the community from all over the world by useful libraries and ready-to-use program blocks. We have made efforts to combine, test and further develop these open source packages to create affordable solutions for those who are new to station remote control. Stay tuned.


I was born in 1976 in Hungary, and I've been living in Switzerland since 2010. I've taken my ham radio exams on 28. November 2016 and been licensed since 08. December 2016, having the call-sign HB9GUI. Let me explain, how I've got into this very interesting and versatile hobby, and what are the key drivers for me:


I got in touch with ham radio in 1987 at the age of eleven as a member of HA8KQV club station in Oroshaza. I started as a short wave listener with HA8-843 then acquired my first callsign HA8LMC in 1990. I am a CW operator, 98% of my contacts are made with this mode. High speed telegraphy was the thing that linked me to the hobby. 

Home QTH is Szigetszentmiklos since 2006, which is a riverside town 5km south from Budapest. I live there with my wife Wanda and our kids Denes & Szilard; born in 2010 & 2013.

I have been building my contest station since 2012 in the Matra mountains (Matraszentimre) at 812m ASL. It has decent slopes towards both North and South America and Asia. At the beginning the station was configured for single band contesting with two 19m high crankup masts. They were holding various monobanders and longboom tribanders. By 2015 the station got upgraded to cover all HF bands from 160-10m with remote access to chase rare DX and optimized the level of automation for serious SO2R operation.

With HB9GIU Lajos we have been working on remote projects since a while. This activity is taking a remarkable portion of my current ham radio related acitivities. Beside that I try to participate in major contests and chase the rare ones.

My professional background is mechanical and electrical engineering. I have worked in different industrial sectors from the automotive to chemical and food manufacturing. I spent the past twenty years in factories with (difficult) people and (complex) machines. Recently I work as a plant manager for a global company providing clever engineering solutions for water related challenges.

QSLing: I abandoned eQSL after collecting a few plaques and became an enthusiastic LotW user. I decided to achive full house with it even if I have 324 confirmed with cards. A few times a year I upload my log to Clublog as well if one wants to check our QSO on line. I still love to receive paper cards via the buro, but became very slow in answering.


CU in the bands, 73, DX. Gabor