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I was born in 1976 in Hungary, and I've been living in Switzerland since 2010. I've taken my ham radio exams on 28. November 2016 and been licensed since 08. December 2016, having the call-sign HB9GUI. Let me explain, how I've got into this very interesting and versatile hobby, and what are the key drivers for me:

HA7GN is a great friend of mine, who is a ham radio enthusiast since his childhood. On one of the summer evenings in 2015, he shared his ideas about an interesting ham project concerning remote operation, and asked if I would be willing to support him and do the programming part. I was always interested in computers and particularly in program development, but I had not been doing anything concrete in this area since a very long time. Some of the programming languages I learned (Basic, Pascal, Delphi) are almost only history by now. Some of the others (JAVA, JavaScript, C, HTML, etc.) are still shining though, but I was not sure if I'll still find my earlier experiences under the thick dust of the past years. The more we went into the details of the project, the more excited I became, which gradually outweighed any initial concerns of mine. I knew very soon that this project is destined to success and fun! On this website you'll certainly hear more about it at a later stage!

So all of this started with pure programming for me, where the radio itself was only a good reason to get back to writing code. But soon after I had HA7GN's two Yaesu FT-2000's in my room for some tests, I felt the immediate urge to learn how to operate them for good and get on the air myself. I simply couldn't imagine any longer to use only their serial ports to connect them to a computer, and nothing else. I signed up for the local radio amateur course organized by FACB, which was an excellent way to learn more about ham radio, meet others, and to prepare for the exam. 

I've created this site on a virtual Linux server, using the Joomla Content Management System. Thanks for the tip HB9EBM!

In the blog part, I'd like to share my experiences gained during the exploration of the ham world. I hope to get some feedback, encouragement and new ideas along the way, which keep me motivated to continuously evolve and to develop further